Real Time Building Permits Reports

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City of Cranbrook, BC

City of Cranbrook uses CityViz to report building permits stats in real time instead of quarterly. 


City of Cranbrook used to publish building permits statistics quarterly and wanted to change that process and do it more frequently to achieve the following:

  • Attract developers and investors by showcasing the construction activity in the City.
  • Add transparency and provide valuable insights to decision makers and residents.


CityViz integrated directly with the City’s building permits management software to achieve real-time reporting on construction activity within Cranbrook’s economic development data portal powered by CityViz.

We created a custom module within CityViz to visualize this data and enable developers, investors, decision makers and residents to make use of it.


Developers, investors, decision makers and residents of City of Cranbrook benefit from this custom data integration in multiple ways:

  •  The City of Cranbrook significantly improved investment attraction efforts by providing real-time insights into construction activity instead of quarterly.
  • It cemented Cranbrook’s commitment to transparency and sustainable development.

CityViz has significantly enhanced our building permit reporting in Cranbrook, providing invaluable insights that are readily accessible to our citizens and investors.

The real-time data integration and visualization on our data portal transparently showcase the vibrancy of our construction sector. Having a tool that succinctly displays the scope and value of our building permits has been pivotal. CityViz has not only bolstered our investment attraction efforts but also underscored our commitment to transparency and sustainable development in Cranbrook.


Darren Brewer

Economic Development Officer, City of Cranbrook


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